Aken (Swan Music Final Melody)

Costume no: 015.
Cosplayer: Deni Chau.

Category: Storybook & Film.

The guy named Aken became orphan after the death of his parents in a car accident. He was suffocated by accumulated debts left from his father. He was unable to pay them and he has been looking for a job. One terrible night his girlfriend named Alicia was infected with a curse in which she was going to die in 3 days. During Aken's search for the answer and cure for his girlfriend, he met an angel who gave him a music named 'The Swan Music' which had the mysterious ability to heal his dying girlfriend. He was also given a special power to fight Lord Lucifer who returned from Hell. Lord Lucifer was once defeated by a village man named Yulius Chan two thousand years ago. Aken only appeared in an Australian made film titled 'Swan Music Final Melody' starring Meng Kheng Tan.

Photographed by: Benedict Chau.
Camera used: Sony HDRSR-11 (10 megapixel photo mode).
Number of photos: 8 photos [700*525 resolution high quality Jpg].



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