Captain Hook (Peter Pan)

Costume no: 022.
Cosplayer: Deni Chau.
Category: Western film and comic book.

The most popular pirate character ever ‘Captain Hook’. He was known as the main enemy of Peter Pan. His most memorable appearance was in the animated film by Disney as a sinister, cunning, and frustrated man who sought revenge on Peter Pan for having cut off his wrist and fed his palm to a crocodile named ‘Tick Tock’. The name ‘Hook’ came from the ultra-sharp hook which was installed on his cut off hand but it was not used as the primary weapon during the confrontation with Peter Pan. At the end of the story, Captain Hook was defeated again by Peter Pan and the crocodile chased him off into the distance. If the children talk about Peter Pan they will likely to talk about Tinker Bell and Captain Hook as well.

Photographed by: John Peel.
Camera used: Nikon D700 DSLR and Sony HDR-SR11.
Number of photos: 15 photos. The first 6 photos were taken using Nikon D700 [700*466 resolution very high quality Jpg] and the additional photos were taken using Sony HDR-SR11 [700*525 resolution high quality Jpg].



Captain Hook with short hair (without the wig).

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