Dick Tracy (Dick Tracy)

Costume no: 055.
Cosplayer: Deni Chau.

Category: Western film.

Dick Tracy is a hard-hitting, fast-shooting, and intelligent police detective who was well known to have appeared in an American action film 'Dick Tracy' in year 1990 by Warren Beatty. The film was based on 1930's comic strip character of the same name by Chester Gould. Dick Tracy film was released in 1990 to mixed reviews, but was generally a success at the box office and at awards time. (Source: Wikipedia).

Photographed by: John Peel.
Camera used: Nikon D700 for all outdoor photos and Canon Powershot G12 for all indoor photos.
Number of photos: 15 photos [700*466 and 700*525 resolution very high quality Jpg].



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