The Guy with the Gun

Costume no: 016.
Cosplayer: Deni Chau.
Category: Miscellaneous costume.

This is a special character which does not appear in any animes, any movies, any comic and story book. This special character also cannot be categorized in a cultural costume. I wanted to make myself a character of my own imagination and see if people like it or not. I sprayed my hair with green colour temporary hair paint and also coloured my eye brows with green face crayon. Both hair and eye brows colours totally matched. I did not know what this character could be perfectly named, but I named him 'Vampire Slayer' since he was holding a cool fictional gun.

Camera used: Sony HDRSR-11 (10 megapixel photo mode).
Number of photos: 12 photos [700*525 resolution high quality Jpg].



Additional photo

These are make-up hair paint and face paint which were used in this character.


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