Hanzo Hattori (Samurai Warriors)

Costume no: 050.
Cosplayer: Deni Chau.

Category: Anime and video game.

Hanzo Hattori is one of the main characters in a video game title 'Samurai Warriors' which was released on Playstation 2 console in February 2004 and later on Xbox. Hanzo Hattori again appeared in both Samurai Warriors 2 and Samurai Warriors 3. The game Samurai Warriors 3 was first released on Wii console in December 2009 before it was released on Playstation 3. Hanzo Hattori cosplay was my third eastern character cosplay after Minoru Kamiya and Sun Wukong.

Note: With this cosplay I won "Yobe Cosplay - Most Favourite" award in Hyde Park in mid 2011.

Photographed by: Paabwad.
Camera used: Nikon dslr camera.
Number of photos: 11 photos [700*464 resolution very high quality Jpg].



Additional photo


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