Lord Lucifer (Swan Music) & (Swan Music Final Melody)

Costume no: 045.
Cosplayer: Deni Chau.

Category: Story book.

Lord Lucifer (his original name Lucifero) appeared in both story books Swan Music and Swan Music Final Melody as a dark villain who wanted to turn the world according to his evil dream. Lord Lucifer was first defeated by Yulius a flute player in the first story, and 2000 years later he came back to the world still having a desire to accomplish his dream in the second story. Fortunately he was defeated again by an unemployed guy named Aken. The story Swan Music Final Melody was converted into a movie and it was screened in Perth Western Australia in year 2012 and year 2013. Lord Lucifer was played by an Australian actor named Jeremy David.

Photographed by: John Peel.
Camera used: Nikon D700.
Number of photos: 5 photos [700*466 resolution very high quality Jpg].



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