Sun Wukong [Monkey King cosplay] at Supa Nova Perth

Cosplayer: Deni Chau and other cosplayers.
Category: Eastern film.

This is me wearing Sun Wukong (known as Monkey King) cosplay. I was at Supa Nova Cultural Expo in Perth Western Australia on 25 June 2011. There were a lot of people taking photos of me. Fortunately it was in Winter so I was not exhausted from heat by wearing my multi-layer Monkey King costume. I also acted a skit-play on the stage as the last cosplayer to appear on the cosplay show.

Photographed by: Various people at Supa Nova in Perth on 25 June 2011.
Camera used: Various DSLR cameras and compact cameras.
Number of photos: 16.


The day after Supa Nova.
The day after Supa Nova.


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