My Cosplay News Update

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10 January 2016: The website was updated with 1 new character: Jango Fett (Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of The Clones).

25 November 2013: The website has been re-opened. Thank you for visiting.

17 November 2013: The website is greatly updated with 26 new albums. Crypt Keeper (Tales from the Crypt), Military Uniform, Red Hat Linux, Wesley Crusher (Star Trek), Baron (Baron of Darkness), Davy Jones (Pirates of Carribean), Phantom of the Opera, St Gerard Majella, Robin (Batman and Robin), Superman (Superman), Aramis (Three Musketeers), Bob (Bob The Builder), B1 (Banana in Pjama), Danny Zuko (Grease), Michael Jackson, Lord Lucifer (Swan Music), Darth Vader (Star Wars), Ali Baba (Ali Baba), Pete Maverick Mitchell (Top Gun), Stormtrooper (Star Wars), Hanzo Hattori (Samurai Warriors), Shinji Ikari (Neon Genesis Evangelion), Santa Claus, Yoshi (Super Mario World), Captain Jack Sparrow (Pirates of Carribean), and Dick Tracy (Dick Tracy). The first true anime cosplays were uploaded.

3 June 2013: Chinese zodiac signs photos were added to the gallery. There were currently 2 animal signs. The next 10 animal signs will be added on every Lunar New Year. The total number of signs are 12 signs.

6 May 2013: A new character was added to the gallery: Cassim (Ali Baba).

9 February 2013: My website was reopened.

1 January 2013: My website address was officially moved to .

10 May 2012: The website was updated with 2 new characters: Merlin (Historia Regum Britanniae) and High Roller. Bob Parr (The Incredibles) will be added in the future. The website was reopened.

1 January 2012:
The website was updated with 2 new characters: Drake Dark (The Princess Guardian) and Ghostface Killer (Scream).

1 January 2012: When you read a character description any related characters whom I cosplayed were hyperlinked.

21 September 2011: Google Plus opened regisration to everyone. I signed up Google Plus and became one of the first cosplayers who uploaded cosplay photos on Google Plus open day.

3 September 2011: I uploaded my cosplay photos to for the first time.

25 June 2011: I won "Year 2011 Best Cosplay - Perth" award by Madman at Perth Supa Nova. I wore a cosplay costume 'Sun Wu Kong' [Monkey King]. These are the photos taken at Supa Nova in Perth on 25 June 2011.

7 June 2011: The website was wholly re-made from blank fresh page using Ms Expression Web 4. It has been using XHTML code format which is tidier and no errors on your browser.

April 2011: I have signed up and uploaded my some of my photos to Flicker website. You are welcomed to visit . Remember, provides more photos than my other sites.

20 March 2011: The website was updated with 4 new characters: Jack The Ripper, Little John (Robin Hood), Luke Skywalker (Star Wars), and Captain Hook (Peter Pan). The background image was compressed to 8 pixel width. The background image quality stayed the same but it loads 14 times much faster. The front page was added with 3 small portrait photos and the link to go to the News page is put under 'Last Update' information for you to easily access this page. The 'Enter Now' button in the front page was enlarged 3%.

17 March 2011: I won "St. Patrick Day Best Costume" at a small costume party in Perth at Department of Health.

18 January 2011: All photos size were reduced to 700*525 resolution so people can view the photos much faster. The smaller size photos are loaded much faster and still very clearly visible.

15 January 2011: Peter Venkman | Ghostbuster photos brightness were slightly increased. Some of Peter Venkman photos were taken off from the website. All Peter Venkman photos are still available on CDs.

25 December and 1 January 2011: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2011.

23 December 2011: I have signed up Twitter so follow me at =) Thank you.

14 December 2010: The website was updated with 6 new characters: Kit Walker (The Phantom), Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock Holmes), Aken (Swan Music Final Melody), The Guy with The Gun, Gabriel Rafale (The Princess Guardian), and Leprechaun. Advice on computer screen and resolution settings were written in the front page.

28 November 2010: The character menu buttons were changed from capsule to rectangle shape. The character name was written above the line and the source title was written below the line. You can now go back to the front page by clicking on 'Back To Front' hyperlink on the character menu.

1 November 2010: The website was updated with 5 new characters: Magician, Barry Allen (The Flash), Minoru Kamiya (Yuyu Hakusho), Peter Pan (Peter Pan), and Peter Venkman (Ghostbuster).

5 October 2010: The website was finally opened to the public with 2 new characters: Roman Soldier and Robin Hood (Robin Hood).

29 September 2010: The domain was registered.

1 September 2010: A Character named Yulius (Swan Music) was added to the collection.

28 August 2010: The Son of Emperor menu button was separated with a horizontal line.

24 August 2010: The website was first created with initial 3 cultural costume photos: Chinese General, Chinese Emperor, and Son of an emperor (Japanese cultural costume).



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