Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock Holmes)

Costume no: 014.
Cosplayer: Deni Chau.

Category: Western film.

Information: A popular fictional detective named Sherlock Holmes first appeared in publication in 1887. This detective from London is famous for his logical reasoning and forensic knowledge to solve difficult cases. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle the author said that character Sherlock Holmes was inspired by Dr. Joseph Bell for whom he worked as a clerk at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. Dr. Joseph Bell was noted for drawing large conclusion from the smallest observations. Sherlock Holmes did not only appear in story books but he also appeared in films and movies as well. (Source: Wikipedia).

Camera used: Sony HDRSR-11 (10 megapixel photo mode).
Number of photos: 7 photos [700*525 resolution high quality Jpg].



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